1. Friends, flmmakers and adventurers.

    Studying at film schools in Den Bosch and Brussels, Rick & Frank quickly cooperated in making their own short films and internet video's. After learning the basics in school, during internships at national television and their first jobs as independent filmmakers, they traveled to Los Angeles in 2009 to pursue their dreams. After years of being discouraged from trying to work in the American film industry, they were ready to discover this for themselves. Three months they stayed in California, coming back with tons of experience and a series of 20 episodes called 'Making Hollywood'. The series about two Dutch filmmakers trying to make it in Hollywood aired in 2010 on BNN's 101tv.

    This opened many doors for them and they soon found themselves in Amsterdam, working on TV series, movies, commercials and many internet video's as editors, camera operators and format developers. Still, one of their goals, making an old school action movie, has yet to be reached. Focusing on making it the best they can, they traveled back to Los Angeles to learn everything about making a solid action movie, from gun handling to making visual effects. They came back with even crazier and more fantastic footage than before. Making Hollywood the series part 2 will soon make its way onto the internet. So subscribe and follow them on their journey in becoming the first Dutch action heroes and learning enough to make their own action movie.
  2. Young filmmakers Rick and Frank are moving to Los Angeles for 90 days on a low budget to find out how accessible Hollywood is for a European newcomer.

    After years of being discouraged from trying to work in the American film industry, they take matters into their own hands and use every penny they have to stay in Los Angeles for 90 days. Soon they find themselves in the crazy world of Hollywood. Interviewing many people in the industry and participating in a various number of productions such as video clips, feature films, shorts and commercials, they provide a clear image of a world of its own. Running out of money shortly after their arrival, they have to come up with all kinds of solutions to survive the expensive West Coast. Hollywood parties, big premieres and many new experiences show the true life of a starting filmmaker in Hollywood.

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